Apple: Do not make game to criticize religion, you better write a book on that topic

Apple Game Deal With Religion

Apple does not believe that a simple game can deal with serious topics like religion and sex. The company advises developers that its better to write a book on the topic, or medical applications, because such serious topics require more attention.

We consider the applications differently from books and songs we do not track. If you want to criticize religion, write a book. If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medical application. It can become complicated, but we decided not to allow certain content in the App Store.

This recommendation, along with many other states in the App Store rules who can prochitate here. Rules are “in force” for several years, but what open the issue nowadays is that Apple banned a few games that are related to the current religious and political conflicts.

Recently Endgame: Syria was rejected by Apple because it is made for the military conflict in the Middle East. Strategy which examines the possible endings of this war was positively accepted by players and some media, but according to Apple, it is against the rules because “unbeatable culture and real government.” Endgame: Syria is a HTML5 game, which means you can play through the iOS browser.

Part of iOS games developers agree with Apple. The creator of Braid, Jonathan Blow says that although Apple took the wrong position on the game, some of the blame lies with developers who make simple commercial games which can not cope with public discourse and serious topics.

“If you build a world where video games daily take up serious issues in a way that will affect people, then Apple could not take such a stance because it would not make sense.” says D. Blou.

Venture Beat reports that Apple’s rules are simple, more conversational written to be understood by most developers. So this passage about religion and sex is perhaps a warning from Apple that controversial topics that may disturb users will be put under scrutiny, and possibly rejected. However, the blog also says that maybe Apple has double standards because it allows free to publish controversial books, does not believe that games can be a good tool for criticism.


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