Bill Gates will divide his money with the poor

Bill Gates will divide his money with the poorThe founder of Microsoft, one of the most influential companies in the world, Bill Gates said in an interview with Britain’s Telegraph that there is enough money for food and clothing and that all his goods will divide the poor.

I am quite well financially taken care of, I have enough food and clothing, and that is quite enough for me. I came to a point where I have more than I need, my money in that sense no longer represent anything. Will use to build an organization through which everything I got, will put at the disposal of the poorest in the world.

In his 57 years of life, when on the work plan did everything he could, want to do even more – to eradicate polio which has so far claimed many victims.
“Every child has the right to a healthy and productive life”  he said, and his words are not just words. He already proved it by now through the foundation which he founded with his wife Melinda, and donated $28 billion.

“Every life is equally worth and you should behave to people as you wish them to treat you” – told Gates to Telegraph.

Although many people think of the amount that Gates will use to help the sick, he modestly said:

The amounts for our fund in terms of the problems they need to solve, are not quite so much as some seem, but the essence is that this money will be used for this world to become a better place.

In 1990 around 12 million children died  who had less than 5 years. Today that number is around 7 million, or 19,000 per day. According to the United Nations main causes of death are pneumonia (18%), birth complications (14%), diarrhea (14%), complications during delivery (9%).

For Bill Gates main problem now is that he wants to eradicate polio. He and his wife in the next six years will spend $ 1.8 billion to achieve their goal.

“My constant work until the end of life will be at the foundation. At Microsoft, I will work partly. I had two successful works and both were fantastic.” said Gates.


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