Microsoft IllumiRoom – revolution in the world of gaming

Every gamer ever wanted to have the opportunity to play his favorite game on screen as big as the entire room or some holodek as those of the Star Trek series. The answer to these gaming desires may give Microsoft with its new and amazing prototype scanner and projector that can turn the entire room into a scene from a video game.

Microsoft IllumiRoom

So far, giant refuses to reveal how the system works, and will announce details on conferences throughout the year. However, they say that “environmental technology complements TV design visuals to reinforce traditional gaming experience.”

IllumiRoom uses Kinect for Windows camera and projector to blur the lines between content that is displayed on the screen and the environment in which we live, to enable us mixing virtual and real world.”

Kinect sensor, which is commonly used to allow control of computer games has several sensors that allow monitoring of the movement of the user and all that with great precision.

“Our system can change the layout of the room, to make the illusion of movement to expand the field of view and provide a completely new gaming experience. It uses the layout and geometry of the room to adapt projected scenes in real time, without the need for special adjustment of graphics. ”

Kinect also understands the furniture in the room, so there will be able or to incorporate tables and chairs in the game or will disguise as it would adapt the video on that way to make them invisible.

The company highlights that the materials published in the video are recorded in real playing and not the result of special effects or post-production.

See what it’s like playing in IllumiRoom in this video:


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