W.bloggar – tool for passionate bloggers

WbloggarW.bloggar software is for passionate bloggers. Apart from being free, offers a number of tools and editing features, plus remarkable ease of connecting with blogger services that exist on the Internet.

Its a client resolved software application for writing and editing your blog “off-line” or “on-line”. Generally include features that are offered by most major web-based blog editors. One of the advantages in using w.bloggar is the ability to edit your blog locally without an Internet connection. All entries that have been published or are waiting to be published are stored on the computer.  The range of services and software applications that support this software are quite extensive, but here are a few of the famous: Blogger, TypePad, MSN Spaces, TheBlog, Blogalia, UBlog, MovableType, WordPress, b2, Nucleus, Drupal etc. For all these services and connectivity tools have proper instruction, but connecting with them is easy, and most bloggers often know what it means API. Using an application as a single interface to multiple blog platforms is a good aid.

W.bloggar text editor

w.bloggar text editor

Unlike WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, or you get what you see) editors, does not display the formatting of the text but inserts the HTML code directly. Users who are familiar at least with the base HTML code easier to find their way as opposed to those who do not know. But there is a “Preview” (Preview) in the same context as an option for what you have written that you get the picture about what will later post. Inserting pictures or video’s URL in view of the fact that it is only HTML code, the image has already been updated online and you can edit the size only by numbers. The same applies to video or other elements you want to add as a decoration in the text. If the text is in English, you have at your disposal Spell Check that will facilitate the technical part about the English semantics.

Why using W.bloggar?

There are several advantages in using this application or similar to it. One of them is the ability to write text regardless of the Internet connection on your computer or device. Sometimes texts will be written as a sketch (draft) for later or another day before making that text you can upgrade or read with a different approach and get a realistic picture of what you have written. Reconstruction of the missed letters or unclear sentences will become history, and the text will be well ironed before it is available to all. Another advantage are  many platforms that you can use via this software. For each platform or membership, you enter a separate username plus password once and without great vicissitudes do only what is important, and it is the story of the text you want to share. If you penetrate a little more detail, all these platforms which supports w.bloggar fully sync the whole range of tools, edits, categories, labels that exist in the web version of the original platform you are using.

There is also adjustable with CSS styles preview section when viewing a blog entry you can get a closer picture to how he would look released record. As for the ongoing maintenance of this last application is launched stand alone (portable) version can use a simple USB device or the like, he never have pain to reinstall.

w.bloggar is a great tool, even if not the primary can then be used as a robust alternative for the moment would have the inspiration to write something, and the Internet “has been canceled.”

Download w.bloggar


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  1. Hmmm…. pretty interesting editor. I used some software from microsoft years ago – microsoft live writer? it was not too bad

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