Kim Dotkom launched a new site Mega

Kim Dotkom launched a new site for file sharing, just one year after the U.S. accused of Piracy

The founder of the website Megaupload Kim Dotkom launched a new site for file sharing, just one year after the U.S. accused of Piracy that the entertainment industry would cost about 500 million dollars.

This entrepreneur has announced the launch site Mega at a press conference in his mansion in New Zealand, reports the Telegraph.

Megaupload, launched in 2005, was one of the most popular sites shutted down by U.S. prosecutors, accusing Dotkom and several officials from the company for millions of illegal downloading of files.

Kim Dotcom launched Mega
Interest in Mega site is huge, so it is only 14 hours since its launch recorded half a million registered users.

U.S. authorities are trying to procure the extradition of German origin tycoon from New Zealand, where he is at liberty on bail.

Prosecutors believe that Dotkom earned tens of millions of dollars, while the filmmakers and musicians lost about half a billion dollars from copyright income.

Dotkom argues that it can not be held liable for copyright violations committed by others, and insists on the view that Megaupload respect copyrights by removing links to pirated content.

Mega, like its predecessor, allows users to store and share large files. Offers 50 gigabytes of free space, which is much more than sites like Dropbox and Google drive and tools such as drag-and-drop.

The key difference is the encoding and decoding functions for data transfer, which will Dotkom, he says, to protect the legal drama created around the Megaupload site.

Functions for decrypting files are now set for the user, not the Mega sites, which means that the company can not see which files are shared. This means that the Mega, which is a private company can not be held responsible for something you do not see.

Image source: Guardian


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