Google prepares safer passwords

Google prepares safer passwordsSecurity experts often warn Internet users that if they want maximum protection the mail data, and other services, they must use a strong password with different characters (uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers), and it is especially important that they do not use the same password for different services. However, considering the number of services that we use every day and for that we need a password (multiple mails, Dropbox, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), many users use the same simple and easy to remember passwords for access to all services.

At Google, we are trying to solve this problem and believe that in the future could replace passwords with USB keys that, when registering by mail, you first had to put into the USB port on your computer and only then can access to your email. As reported on Wired, in addition to these USB keys, to access the e-mails a person could use and smart phone that should be specially configured and will look similar to car keys.

At Google, we say that, for the use of such types of passwords, users should not download any special software, but they can make the necessary changes and adjustments within their web browsers so that they can connect to computers, will only need the USB device, or smart phone. Of course, this way of data protection brings some great danger so if you get in the mail, you can not attach the original link with the smart phone, and if the phone is lost, the question is how to get important data from the mail. Also, there is a danger that if someone is regaining the lost phone or USB, that person is able to access personal information, but this problem should be addressed through the introduction of a master password (or an alternative care) – with password that shouldn’t have to be complex as those that are recommended today.

On Wired said that one of the problems with the introduction of this kind of data protection will be support of the website and Google are working on a protocol that will allow the use of such hardware systems to protect data that will be independent of their services (Gmail, Disk, Chrome) so that can be used on many other websites and services. What do you think about this way of protection – do you use your phone or any USB device as additional protection for access to e-mails or you are happy using just the classic passwords?


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