Where does Google keeps your seecrets?

Every time you turn on your email account or YouTube, your data are transferred to a special place in the company Google.

Google date center stores you dataAlthough you think that all activities take place virtually, your data is stored on two hardwares in Google.

The whole thing starts from the front page of the Google search engine, and all other clicks refer to the so-called “Google Pharma”, where they work a lot of people who take care of the whole process to function seamlessly.

During the whole day, for 24 hours, there is someone who cares entire search process to go smoothly. These “farms” is search and networking facilities. There, “Google” analyze all your clicks “Google” or “YouTube” to know which server should respond to your requirements.

After this, your search is put into the server room and the computers in this room decide that millions of results will be presented, in accordance with previous searches and your email address.

Google hasn’t only one copy of your online activities, but two – each on a separate server. All your important data, “Google” keeps on a separate server, called “Library Tapes”.

So, if breaks any part of the server, there is always a person who is in charge of your data to transfer from the saved disk to not get lost.

All those servers, computers and computer equipment, causing extensive heat and for their cooling is needed huge water coolers .

In addition look at the video from a virtual walk through the rooms of the Internet giant, and additionally you can walk in the google data center!



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