Microsoft has launched the newest Office 2013 hoping we switch to the Cloud

Time we buy software on CD is finished, confirmed Microsoft with the introduction of its new Office which instead of DVDs will be downloaded digitally.

Popular software used by a billion people, can be purchased in 162 markets along with a subscription to the online version of Office 365, which is designed to maintain competitiveness in front of web editors like Google Docs or Zoho Docs.Office 2013 Recommended package of Microsoft is Office 365 Home Edition for $100 annual fee and have access to the online version of the popular software able to download Office 2013 on five destkop computers, Mac or PC’s, which contains Word, Excell, PowerPoints, Outlook, Access, OneNote and Publisher. The package will have 20 GB of web storage SkyDrive and 60 free Skype minutes per month. Additionally Microsoft will provide free software upgrades.

Sure you have the opportunity to purchase the package in cash, without fee, and interesting, you will receive a physical package, but inside will have only a code  for downloading from web. Office Home price which includes only Word, Excell, PowerPoints and One Note, is $140. Office Professional 2013 including access to Office 365 will cost you $400. But this purchased software has a license for only one computer.

As can be estimated , this is a rich offer, but it should be because Microsoft wants to make consumers and businesses to switch to the web where software becomes more complete. Subscription for the company is one of the possibilities to retain the attention of the users of their software. Office generates $24 billion annually, or one-third of Microsoft’s total revenue comes from the software package, and as a popular tool, can promote the new Windows 8 which can be installed on the desktop and tablet PCs.

The key to the success of the latest Office is off course the web storage service SkyDrive. Web repositories have become a necessary tool for fast switching of files and their access from any computer. Example, open a document From Skydrive, Office now has the opportunity to save and open files directly from the cloud, share with colleagues to edit a document and record in SkyDrive, and you  will be able to access it document ready for printing, sharing or further editing. There are currently no Office Mobile, but there are individual mobile applications such as Word and PowerPoint that you can view and edit documents.

Office 365 is a Microsoft tool that will shift the cloud, where you can create a complete software platform with access from any Windows 8 PC or Windows Phone handset. This is a bold step for Microsoft, but necessary if you look at the competition that does the same.


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