Sony Xperia Z – Real 007 smartphone

Sony Xperia Z


– Quality design
– Powerful Camera
– The top screen
– Resistance to water


– Poor quality of the display seen on a side angle
– It is not the latest version of Android


Sony called Xperia TL as James Bond, but that title is actually supposed to be for monstrous Xperia Z who was just presented at CES 2013. This is really a great phone with Full HD mobile display that is worth to know better with his quad-core processor, large screen of 5 inches and 13 MP camera.


Sony Xperia Z water and dust resistanceXperia Z with a 5 inch screen has a surprisingly compact dimensions, due to the partial use of navigation buttons on the screen, and with its slim design of 7.8mm, but quite solid chassis certification for water and dust resistance.

Also, Xperia Z is made of glass trendy premium material, which was introduced with the iPhone 4, which means it looks and feels nice in the hand, away from what they can offer the usual plastic chassis that almost all use.

On the back, Sony uses glass Asahi Dragontrail, which is ‘kin’ about the brand Corning popular Gorilla Glass, so you can be sure that the chassis Xperia Z will be tough and scratch-resistant. Sony made and purple as an option for Xperia Z added to the usual black and white, showing that you can make such a color even with a cell phone made of glass.

Perhaps the best news of all about the design of Xperia Z is that Sony has managed to provide a mobile phone with a full set of ports and slots, including a microSD card.


5 inch display with 1080×1920 pixel with Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 mobile technology makes Xperia Z one of the true competitors in the market in 2013.

Sony’s latest HD screens of recent Xperia representatives were good in terms of pixel density and color display, but lacking in quality color screen viewed from a side angle. This problem is also seen in the Xperia Z, but since 99% of the time smartphone looks right, then we can consider this drawback as most still an excellent smartphone.

Advantage is that it can be viewed Full HD video, whose screen is not a threat that will quickly empty the battery and with excellent durability.

Processor and memory

Xperia Z runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 four-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor speed of 1.5 GHz, which is now one of the best processors that powered the best Android phones currently, Nexus 4, and found that there have been no problems to slow down, and strengthened with integrated LTE and HSPA +.

RAM of 2 GB is a first for Sony, but it was common for atrocities smartphones Samsung and LG last year.

Sony has integrated 16 GB flash memory chip in Xperia Z, and fortunately, has included a microSD slot so you can add more memory.


Another very interesting aspect of the phone is its 13 MP camera with a sensor on the back. It is a new version of the Exmor RS, which means that there is a “reduced” design with the camera, taking less space and at the same time gives a better light photography in the dark.

Sony Xperia Z camera

What really sets it apart, however, is shooting HDR video, which can work even in under-lit situations but not posing a threat to the well-Full HD video recorded with Xperia Z.

Conclusion for Sony Xperia Z

Overall, Sony came up with a pretty awesome Android smartphone which can currently be considered the best in its high-class given a slot for memory expansion, resistance to water and dust, and HDR video capability.

Sony Xperia Z actually showed why Android is the second largest producer after the almighty Samsung, and that position will likely only confirm this.



  1. Hello Geekingsimply,
    Cool Post, Samsung Galaxy S II, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Iphone 4s.
    Which smartphone should i buy? Which is the best for general use & features?
    I’ll be back to read more next time

    1. It really depends on whether you’re a devoted Mac fan or an Android lover, or if you prefer design, performance, camera, storage, battery etc.
      I like S II for it’s large screen and 4G network, iPhone for it’s pixel density of 326ppi and storage, and Xperia Arc is its design and distinctive shape.
      However my winner is definitely Samsung. You can read reviews and comparisons online. And thanks that you remind me start with mobile comparisons and reviews 🙂

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