Company has developed a software that tracks you on social networks

American multinational company Reggaeton, the fifth largest company for production of military equipment in the world, secretly developed a program, called “Riot”, explained as network support service. However it tracks the movements of the people and predicts their behavior so that future analyzes data of social networks, reported “The Guardian“.

Reggaeton Companydeveloped software that tracks social networks

System for structural analysis “Riot” collects a lot of information for users of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. In video footage of the company, to which came the “Guardian”, said the program called Technology quickly analyzing data, so far no one has been sold.

Company based in Massachusetts, admits that its technology has provided the U.S. government and industry, in a bid to contribute to the construction of the national security system, capable to analyze billions of data in the cyberspace.

Ability of the program is to use popular sites for monitoring of its customers and provides insight into the controversial techniques that attract the attention of reporting services and national security agencies. At the same time the program is causing concern because of the danger of jeopardizing civil liberties and privacy on the Internet.

“Riot” allows gaining insight into the individual’s total life-after only a few “clicks” are getting a map that gives information about who the person socialize, and where it is heading.

Pictures that users set social networks sometimes contain details of the latitude and longitude of the facility-that smartphones automatically stored as data – explains the company’s chief inspector, Brian Orch.
Riot takes these information besides photographs of individuals, shows and where they are made.
Riot” in the shape of a spider web diagram showing contacts and network relationships between individuals, analyzing with whom he discussed Twitter. Besides, it uses information and data from Facebook and GPS locations from Foursquare applications that people use to know where their friends are.
Riot use the data in graphical form to display the ten places that an individual most frequently visited, and the time he was there.

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