How to Choose a Web Design Company

In this article, I like to answer to the question that concerns all parties who wish to engage in the world of Internet marketing and present your company as a web page.

Choosing a web design agencyChoosing a web design company or person that will make your web site is a very important decision; a good web site can easily increase your profits by attracting customers, while a bad website can drive away potential customers.In this article, I will try to tell you how to choose a good web designer or programmer for your project.

Types of web designers and developers in the market?

I guess there is no official classification, but here is how I see the things.

  • Website designer – a person who is more concerned with the visual identity of your web site. It will help you to define the appearance of your site, graphic details, location of the text, colors, etc. site. In most cases on the market, these people know the basics of programming, and are well suited to the creation of a technically simple web site that will look very nice. It is necessary to look at his previous work and evaluate the quality of his work. If they develop dynamic web sites (with the system to change the content on the website – CMS), they usually work with some of the known content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, etc. Some professional agencies have their own content management system. This can be a double-edged sword because bad web designer will not know how to adjust it according to your requirements, and a good web designer will do very affordable quality web site.
  • Web site developer – the person who will all your technical desires make it work (of course if you are familiar with your work). If web design is not his strong suit, but taking over a Web site and changing it according to your wishes. Also good web programmer should know that you do a quality web site optimization. If you want more complex web site engage web developers.
  • Graphic designer – is similar to a web designer just as much responsible for the presentation of your business (companies, agencies, etc.). Graphic designers are responsible for your logo, website colors, banners, create business cards, etc. Graphic designer should be involved if you are going to spend a little more money in your marketing. A good graphic designer will certainly pay off.
  • Internet Marketing Consultant – a person who will help you the most in areas such as these: choosing keywords, selecting target markets, effective advertising, etc … Generally it is the person who will determine your general marketing strategy and try to through your web site to attract more potential customers for you.

Sometimes, if you are lucky you will find that all four people in one or two persons.

Writing articles on websites

You will find web designers and or developers who offer writing articles for you. I would not recommend it unless the person is a professional internet marketing consultant. Writing articles is extremely important, because one of the items in your site’s ranking on search is just your site content. Let the professionals or write it yourself because who knows your business better than you do?

What agency for web site is good and what is the price of these services?

Decide at start whether you want to work with some “eye to eye”, i.e. to attend meetings during the preparation of the site or agree to do over the phone, Skype, and other media. As I will write some of the items, you need to know when to hire an agency to produce sites:

Pay attention to how you ask about your business. Each of the agencies for the development of the site should be to get acquainted with the work of your agency or company, or how different web site that reflects your business on the internet.

Look at their previous work, is the structure of each site of the same flexibility in design. Of course, it is an agency that is flexible in design and better agency.

Ask them if they are doing the design and programming of web sites or just one or the other. If a company does one thing and some another, there can be miscommunication and prolong you create a website for a week more, and sometimes even for a few months.

Do you have a defined process for planning a web site that will guide you through all the stages to the final finished product, or web site, or work in some other way? If you have a structured plan for the site, it will greatly facilitate the development of the site.

Previous ask a little bit about internet marketing and optimizing web sites for search engines. So ask them how much they know about it. Well-designed web site is useless if you do not make a profit.

Choose a professional web designer

Ask the designer about the price, to estimate how much money that would cost you. If you answer that question, and did not meet with your business and did not make even a rough specification of your site, that person or agency is not the right choice for you. In all European countries, including UK, prices of basic presentational web site is about the average wage population. Agencies often charge high figures for their web sites, but this mostly depends on their references, workload etc.

Note that all agreed to print the contract because that would make both sides satisfied at the end.

Note that you do not spend too much money than planned because in most cases the agency will offer additions to the web site, such as exchange rates, weather forecast and so on.

The recommendation is still one of the best ways to make sure that the agency or person is good or not. If they have a previous customer, contact him and see if the designer is good or not.

Ask if you will later maintain this website or agency itself. A large number of agencies want to continue to cooperate with you and to charge for maintenance services. Modern web sites are very simple systems for content (inserting new pages, images, gallery, articles, etc.). All content in modern web site you can change yourself so that you do not have to pay the agency (unless you explicitly do not want). The costs of maintaining a web site can then be very high.

It is very important to ask whether the Web site after making changes to your property or the property remains firm. Each agency has the right to transfer the website to you.

Make sure to register domain and hosting on your behalf. Not on behalf of the agency

In the end I think it is very important that you as a client enjoy working with the agency. Answer yourself honestly to the question: Do I like the agency? Do I think that they behave ethically? Am I comfortable while talking to them? Whether they meet their obligations on time?

Your web site is a very important link of your business. Examining the Agency for Web sites is more likely that you will choose the right collaborators. Choose an agency that will be interested in what you do, who is willing to listen to your requirements, with a focus to help you achieve higher profits and that will within your budget and time frame to create a quality website for you.



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