A few tips for a good password

As you would not want a thief to formally either hand the keys of your home, so you should treat the computer and Internet passwords because they are the key to your digital world. If you can believe the latest list of frequently used passwords, “123456” and password is extremely popular among the owners of the e-mail. Such passwords may be easy to remember, but easy to break.

Therefore, important passwords accounts shall contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols. Instead of placing “222222” or “newjersey”, use “ACpAs56IKMs”. It’s hard to remember, but not impossible.
Here are some tips from the magazine “Time”, which might have in mind when designing your code.

Choose smarter passwords for your accounts
1. Make the password longer. Generally, I recommend eight characters (letters and numbers), but 14 would be a better option. If the service to which you access does not contain restriction, you should do the same.
2. Combine letters and numbers, use small and capital letters, and punctuation if it is allowed. “PaSsWoRd!43 “is a better option than “password43.”
3. Avoid dictionary words, even when you add numbers or symbols. There are programs that can Hack codes simply by looking at the familiar words. One of the tricks that we can use a few numbers to put between the letters, such as “shi123fra456d”. Another trick that you can apply is your password to be composed of the first letters of a sentence, say favorite song or movie quote.
4. Betting signs. Rather than zero, use the letter “O” instead of “S” you can use the dollar sign and the mark for the euro could replace the letter “E”.
5. It is not wise to use common words, as well as your name, your company name. Birthplace or the place where you live. Avoid the names of your pets. Telephone numbers are also not a smart choice, unless you replace the place of numbers.
6. I assume that you already know, but it is good to remind you that you should never use passwords such as “password”, “digit”, “1234” or “qwerty”.
If your password is hacked, try to recover through email, and if that is not working (i.e. your email was hacked too!), ask for help from computer support services or some agency for personal data protection.


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