Switch blog title tag to h2 on post page

Maybe half of the people on the Internet, have their own blog, website, or some kind of personal or business profile elsewhere. My mission today is to tell you a little SEO trick to boost your rankings, and especially the ranking of your inner pages.
If running self-hosted WordPress blog, or blog on any platform that gives you permission to change the code, this can be easily done. My point is to change blog title tag from H1 on the home page, to H2 or even p or div tag on post pages. And give more credit to post title as will assign H1 tag on post page.

Why this? Because if you have a blog with hundreds or even thousand pages, you probably know that most of the traffic your blog receive, is coming to inner pages. Usually, blog posts are ranked in Google or Bing for some long tail keywords and this kind of traffic is highly targeted. The keywords for which your posts are ranking, probably contain 4-6 words and have very low exact match searches. But like I said, that traffic is the one of every Internet Marketer’s dream.

So in order to boost ranking on our inner pages or posts, we need to properly structure that page template. Here I won’t talking about user experience as technical SEO is our today’s topic.

How to properly implement your heading structure?

If your site title is h1 tag on the homepage, and h2 tag are post excerpts, when going on individual posts, it will be better to switch site title into h2 or div tag and your post title into h1 tag.

With this, your are giving more value to your post title which is probably the keyword or phrase you want that page to be ranked for.

Heading tags structure

You know that H1 tag has bigger importance over H2 and page title has bigger importance than H1 tag. So instead of having H2 tag as a post title, now you have H1 post title tag with additional structural information with other tags within content. No matter you’re using logo as a site title or text, always have in mind to optimize your post titles with H1 tag. There are other theories, like having H1, H2 tags within content and leave tag-empty your post title. However, I’ve tested this combination and it seems that Search Engines loves it.

Switching code for WordPress blogs – header.php and single.php files

How can we switch site title from h1 on home page to h2 on all other pages? In WordPress, go to header.php, find the code where your logo starts and change with the italic code bellow. This is an example of Quick Solicitors blog. Your header ID is probably different.

switch h1 with h2 in header

Than go to single.php and page.php and change the H2 tag with H1 tag. Just search “the_title” and switch to H1 like in the picture bellow. Don’t forget to create h1 post title class in your stylesheet as there is just your default h2 style. You can copy that style and paste into your h1 class.

Switch post title tag from H2 to H1 on post and page template in WordPress

So now you know why it is important to have H! tag on post title. Give a little boost to your post and comment your experience here.


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