Apple Watch is the most personal product ever designed

Perhaps we expected too much from Apple. But their Apple Watch is nothing better designed than others, nor is cooler than Moto 360. On the presentation along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, was presented Apple Watch, despite assumptions that comes under the name iWatch. The new clock from Apple’s lab it is claimed to be “the most personalized device so far.” Apple Watch will be available from 2015, and the cheapest price will be $349.

Apple Watch

What offers the new Apple Watch?

The new Apple Watch comes in two sizes of 38 and 42 mm, in three different models of stainless steel, aluminum, and exclusive model of 18-carat gold. Each watch comes with six different watch bands and, a mechanism for changing them.
The clock comes with four sensors:

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • “Taptic Engine”, a linear actuator inside Apple Watch that produces haptic feedback

The last sensor allows differentiation between touch and pressing. Here is the side key too, which enables navigation and management of applications such as zooming.

Apple Watch with different bands

The operating system that comes with Apple Watch, Watch OS is pretty far from the simplicity that Apple offers with iOS. For start, four ways to interact with the watch, even if it’s user’s choice are too much. Additionally it seems that Android Wear is not only convenient, but also looks far better than Watch OS, although the solution of bigger icons of applications that you use more often looks great. However it seems that this time Apple follows Samsung, which usually gather bunch of useless features to its devices. One example is the presence of 13MP camera clock, which needs a phone near in order to work. At least in this stage of development, operating system seems a step back from an intuitive and simple design in which Apple is recognizable.

Apple Watch comes with integrated Siri voice assistant application for maps and photos, apps for fitness and exercise. Applications will collect biometric data from exercising and motivate the user to be physically active. Even some gamechangers in HR believe there are thousand possibilities for the use of the new Apple Watch in the workplace.
Owners of Apple TV can use the Apple Watch to control the Apple TV. Another opportunity that offers Apple Watch is to use it as a walkie-talkie. Charging of Apple Watch, and the Moto 360 is by induction. Unfortunately there is not enough data on the battery, but as announced by Tim Cook can work 12 hours without charging. This is almost as same as the Moto 360, Gear Live, and G-Watch, which received heavy criticism because of this.

Exactly Tim Cook announced there is no “killer app” on the new device, but just a bunch of comforts. “Apple will not make any attempt to offer Apple Watch to people that already feel comfortable with their analog devices” said Tim Cook.

Tim Cook on Apple Watch Presentation

However several Android Wear watches, above all LG R-Watch and Moto 360, look far better than Apple Watch. It seems that the price may be the biggest obstacle to the success of the watch, because Moto 360 already cost $100 less, a price, which could additionally fall before the release of Apple Watch. Of course for the majority of users who love their iPhones, Moto 360 is not the right option. Exactly here lay the hope of Apple, that a good portion of their fans will accept clock.

What do you think about the new Apple Watch? Share your thoughts below!


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