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Company has developed a software that tracks you on social networks

American multinational company Reggaeton, the fifth largest company for production of military equipment in the world, secretly developed a program, called “Riot”, explained as network support service. However itĀ tracks the movements of the people and predicts their behavior so that future analyzes data of social networks, reported “The Guardian“. System for structural analysis “Riot” collects […]

Asus TaiChi Ultrabook UX21

Asus TaiChi Ultrabook UX21 Multidevice

When it comes to design, functionality and innovation notebooks, Asus is one of the few companies in this field are not afraid to present the novelties that are well accepted by users. In the era of ultrabook laptops and multifunctional devices, Asus come up with several products, including the first Hybrid notebook with two displays […]

Bill Gates will divide his money with the poor

Bill Gates will divide his money with the poor

The founder of Microsoft, one of the most influential companies in the world, Bill Gates said in an interview with Britain’s Telegraph that there is enough money for food and clothing and that all his goods will divide the poor. I am quite well financially taken care of, I have enough food and clothing, and […]