Top 3 techniques for stimulating creativity

As children, we were all creative and somewhere along the way we lost that creativity. However, with self-analysis, we can encourage this suppressed creativity that already have. It can be used in organizational goals for the company to be more competitive in the market. To stimulate creativity in the organization it is very important to encourage personal creativity, and to do so, the person should be aware of all the barriers that exist and limit him to be creative. First, he needs to work on himself, and then to promote creativity in the organization and create an innovational culture.
It is easy to talk about creativity, but if we do not act this way, we can’t stimulate people around us. There are various techniques to stimulate creativity. Those are not recipes and everybody should find its way.

1) Mind Mapping

Conceptual thinking means entering a central idea and inventing new and related ideas that spread from the center. It is a technique used to solve complex problems.
Techniques can be learned, but it’s difficult for a person to analyze himself, what is it that prevents him from being creative and how to change the way of thinking. If we manage to do that, techniques are easy work.
In business, if entrepreneurs want to stimulate creativity, they must change themselves and find a way to create an atmosphere where they will not block innovation by establishing control over the staff.

How to make smarter decisions mind map by Hans Buskes

Mind mapping can be stimulated with the use of mind mapping tools.

iMindQ – mind mapping software for creating interactive mind maps. There is a free online mind map version of the software as well.



SCAMPER is a checklist that helps entrepreneurs to discover the changes that can make on an existing product to create a new one.

Here is the meaning of all words:

S – Substitute components, materials or people

C – Combine with other products or services, integrate

A – Adapt: change the function, use parts of another element

M – Modify: increase or decrease, change the format, change the characteristics

P – Put: set in a different use

E – Eliminate: remove some items to lower the basic functions

R – Reverse: turn upside down

3) Brainstorming


Brainstorming is a widely used technique for generating ideas. Some people do not connect directly with creativity, but one of its goals is to create a good atmosphere where employees will be relieved of the pressure and give ideas.

At the beginning, quantity of ideas is more important and overtime we should come to the quality one. The most important is that company’s employees should not be limited to think that an idea is good or not smart enough. The ultimate goal of brain storming is to encourage employees to think unconventional.


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