Do you have a SEO strategy?

If the title confuses you, do not worry because the following article is not only for those people who deal with Search Engine Optimisation, but also for you, as a webmaster or person who posses personal or business blog.

If you are nothing from above, then this article is REALLY not for you. However, if you ever decide to start an internet business or personal blog, I hope you would think that ever before you have read good information about how to implement a very simple SEO strategy that works.

This cannot be even said as a strategy, because it is very straightforward and easy to implement especially if you update your blog on a regularly basis.

We all want to rank our sites as high as possible, for certain keywords. But how do manage that?

You know, a recent Google updates like Panda and Penguin hurt many websites around the world. The first one kills many blogs and with that, the income they made to their webmasters.

Many articles were written since that, even today people are writing how to surpass those updates or build Panda safe schemas that will be resistant to all kinds of Google updates.

However, most people are not even test any king of schemas and give knowledge for something they are not specialized to do. Because of that, many people do not know what to do and struggle hard to rank their websites are sell their services or products.

This tip is for basic SEO’s or beginners, and will help you to gain high rankings. It is not overnight process, but it is certainly very efficient at these times. You will need 3-4 months to rank your website for medium to high competition keywords of phrases. For low competition keywords even faster.

So what is the deal? All roads lead to relevancy. You must be relevant for you phrase or keyword in the eyes of Google and that is everything. I will not reveal on this blog any of my websites, because I do not want to tell my niche in the public and it is up to you, if you would believe me or not. I’m writing this article because I like to help people and that’s it! All I can say is that on this way, I manage to rank a three-months old WordPress blog on the first page of Google for very competitive keyword in health niche with zero backlinks and this tells me that it works!

Let’s back on the technical work. I suppose you have a website. In addition, you know for which keyword(s) you want your site to be ranked for. That’s ok.

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First thing is to check, whether there are monsters and authority sites that ranks for your keyword. For example, it’s not reasonable to choose “mobile phones” as your primary keyword, because here are sites like O2, Dialphone and T-mobile. These sites are an authority and you cannot do anything here. At least not if you are a beginner and even SEO experts are not able to get in here.

I suggest finding a keyword and then aggregate page ranks of the first 10 pages. That number divide with 10. If you have an average of three or less, this is a green field for you. It’s not the best method for measuring competition strength but it’s approximate. You can find another one or two similar keywords very related to the first one.

The next step is on-page optimization. I will not talk about how to optimize your site as there are plenty tutorials and articles online for that reason. I will say that on-page optimization is very important for your rankings and that’s it. You should know how to theme your keywords on the page, to use heading tags, to speed up your site, to interlink post and pages, to create good navigation structure and so on.

The third step is to start with creating posts. I create 1-2 post a week for my sites. You can do even more but don’t forget, be regular. In order to create good posts, that Google will love and relevant to your theme, open and type your keyword. I take the example of mobile phones.


You can see from the image that Google suggest other words that he thinks are relevant to the searched phrase. All those keywords are potential posts for your blog or website. Use those keywords to create articles. Also, if you click on search tools -> All results-> Related searches, Google will give other relevant keywords – ideas for your articles. So make a plan how to organize your posts in order to provide a value to the readers. If they like your content and organization, Google will love it too!

Also you can use Google Keyword Tool to find other relevant keywords and Google Trends for hot and rising searches. Consider everything and start writing.

While you write your post, don’t create any backlinks. Create only social pages (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and do not forget to implement author rank. It is crucial these days to integrate with Google Plus. Make yourself a promise that you will not create any backlinks until you reach 30 posts. If that number is 50 or more, you probably won’t need any backlinks.

So make your articles good for the readers, as well as for search engines. Link to the homepage within your articles with your keyword(s), but don’t link from every article, as we want everything to look natural in the eyes of Google. Make smart interlinks i.e. from one article you can link to 2-3 other but relevant to the first one. Links higher in the article are more valuable.

Next and the last thing is to not expect overnight changes at with this simple strategy, you will need 2-3 months for a new domain to rank on the first page of Google. And when you reach the first page, you know how to take the first place 🙂

That is everything for today. If you think that my 1035 words are valuable for you, share this article with your friends.


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